What You've Missed

I was going through my phone and noticed there were quite a few photos I hadn't shared. I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up the weekend with these and share some bad news. Bad news first then happy pictures second. SO while I was at Joann's Fabrics, I slipped and fell in a puddle of water. It was both terribly embarrassing and very painful. They had to call the manager and file a report and I have to go to the doctor today to get checked out. Pray everything goes okay, I'm mostly just really sore and I'd rather there not be some life threatening thing going on inside my body. I'll let you know how things go... Now onto happy photos!

Thursday the Mr and I had a day date. He took me to get snow cones and play with puppies! I was as happy as a clam. That little pup I'm holding above was one of the sweetest little dog I've ever met. He just melted when I held him. Sigh. 

We went to a Rangers game with one of our friends and got to sit in the box suite of one of the owners! It was really nice; catered and all!

Friday and Saturday I was out at the campgrounds helping Elisha and his media team take care of some things before the youth camps actually kick off; which is happening today! I made goody bags filled with snacks, candy and energy drinks for his team. The photo above shows some of the banners Elisha designed. He's so talented.

The camp will have a store where they can sell merchandise and other fun camp things. This year they designed the store to have an UO feel to it. I got to set up all the pieces and also decorate!! It was fun and it looked so good before I left. I haven't seen how it looks completely done, but I'll share once I do! 

The Mr took me for a golf ride tour of the grounds and it is absolutely amazing. There's actually water-slides, like water park water-slides... They have jet skis and a blob; it's awesome!

And that was my weekend. I don't have too much planned for this week. I was supposed to go to Austin to visit Adrienne, but now I have to go to the doctor. lame. Though, she may come to visit me now^_^ Either way, I hope you have a splendid afternoon and we'll chat again soon!


Weekend Wrap Up: Part 11

Saturday I finished crafting and then went to a surprise party! It was my first surprise party (weird right?) and I had lots of fun in spite of the heat! We ate veggie burgers and and the yummiest little veggie sandwiches; I may share a little recipe soon!

Sunday the Mr and I took our youth group to Six Flags! It was a blast, but it was WAY hot!! I got pretty dark and I was lookin a bit rough, ha!

What a wonderful weekend! I know I always say that it's the little things, but it's true! I am oh os happy with the way this summer is going! What did you do this weekend??


Weekend Wrap Up: Part 1

So I have begun the hunt for little apartment treasures and Friday I came across some lucky finds. I thought I'd share what I've gathered so far ^_^
 These cute little salsa bowls from UO (only 50 cents each!)

 Mint and teal bowls from Anthropologie (5 dollars each)
Mint bowls from Salt Lick in ATX (my mom got them for me)

 Sweet mint framed mirror from Marshalls (5 dollars)

 The perfect little teal tray from Marshalls (6 dollars)

Cute cute preserves jar from Ross (99 cents)

I just love these authentic glass cups from Marshalls! (5 dollars!!)

I love love a good deal!! Clearly. I like to find things everywhere I shop and slowly collect the perfect decorations. I think I may continue to share my find with you. Would you like that?


Weekend Wrap Up

I started the weekend off by going to a Ranger game with my church on Friday! It was SO hot, but we're in Texas so what do you expect... It was fun hanging out with everyone and watching the game.

This is the sweet family I live with!!

Saturday I went with my friends to Deep Ellum, an area in downtown Dallas, to help with a photoshoot. It was fun and this is actually a little peek into something I'll get to share on le blog very soon!

Sunday we had our youth life group. We played Capture the flag, but with water balloons!! It was perfect because it was hot out and the water was fun. The best part was that I got to speak and share the message!! It was a privilege and I felt lucky. The Mr took me out to dinner afterwards; perfect end to a perfect day.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe it's almost June?! This summer is flying by! Do you have any plans for this Memorial Day?? I haven't decided what I'm going to do, but I'm sure it will include some ice cream, because that's what I've been craving all morning. ha. But I really don't want to be one of those weirdos who eat sweets in the am. SO I'll wait a few hours at least^_^

Be back with an extra special post!


Weekend Wrap Up

Well well well, It's that time again... Weekend Wrap-Up! And this was definitely an eventful weekend! 
I went to Austin
I got to see my sister and Mom and Stepdad
I went to the Renegade Fair
My Mom bought me some of the prettiest mint plates
I drank delicious lemonade
I had a mini photoshoot with the Sister
I played with cats
I ate delicious McFlurrys
I went on a Scavenger Hunt with our Youth Group
I got to go to dinner with the Mr.

Uh-Ma-Zing weekend!


Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty exciting!! It included quite a lot of animals... which I am totally alright with^_^

Friday: I went over to my voice teacher's house and rode a horse! You can read more about that here.

Saturday: I went to eat sushi with some friends to celebrate our friend Robien's birthday!! It was delicious and it was also exciting to go do something fun for awhile, instead of school stuff... 

Sunday: It was Easter!! Our church had it's very own petting zoo with a zebra! Yep, our church is pretty much amazing^_^ I had a blast petting and holding all the cute baby animals...
I was about ready to run off with that baby goat!! It kept cuddling with me and it was the sweetest!! OH and I also held a baby pig, but there aren't any pictures... It squealed/screamed the entire time, but it was the cutest thing! eee! After our church Easter extravaganza, the Mr. and I went and had ourselves an Urban Day!! I got some great deals at Urban Outfitters and can't wait for it to stop being so cloudy outside so I can wear my new dress! How was your weekend??